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about us

Integrated solutions for your business.

Lock Web, a subsidiary of Lock Group International, is your trusted partner for complete solutions in developing your online presence, with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. With a diversified offer of specialized services, we aim to become the main provider of web solutions in the European Union.

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Company history of Lock Group International

Oct. 2022
Oct. 2022

The limited liability company Lock Group International is established

In October 2022, a new chapter opened in our story with the establishment of Lock Group International SRL. The company was established with the clear aim of becoming a leader in providing integrated business development services with a focus on transparency, innovation and genuine client relationships. Starting from this significant date, we aim to build a future where Lock Group International is recognized not only for its quality services, but also for its positive contribution to the business environment and the community as a whole.

Nov. 2022
Nov. 2022

Adobe Solution Partner

In November 2022, Lock Group International SRL Company signed a strategic partnership with Adobe Solutions Community, strengthening its position as a key player in the digital solutions space. Through this alliance, we aim to bring significant benefits to our customers by having access to the most advanced technologies and resources in the Adobe portfolio.

Jan. - Dec. 2023
Jan. - Dec. 2023

Development of 9 subsidiary companies

In the period from January to December 2023, the Lock Group International SRL Company traveled a remarkable journey, marking the development of no less than 9 subsidiary companies. This strategic expansion represents a deep commitment to diversifying and strengthening our services, adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Each subsidiary, from Lock Marketing and Lock Web to Lock Audit, Media, Leads, Hosting, Agency, Software and Consulting, has been created to provide specialized and innovative solutions covering the entire spectrum of business requirements.

about us

Expertise in digitization and online integration.

Lock Web is your trusted partner in innovative web services. With extensive expertise in digitization and online integration, we offer simple and effective solutions for connecting and managing data online. We are committed to making your vision a reality through web development, custom applications and modern platforms.

We turn your vision into reality through web development.



Web Development

We create modern and functional websites, optimized for a pleasant user experience.

Digital Solutions

We implement customized digital strategies, create applications and web platforms adapted to the needs of your business.

Online Integration

We facilitate the efficient exchange of information and optimize business processes by connecting and managing data online.

We offer tailored pricing for all businesses.

Affordable prices

500% ROI


Choose the subscription that suits your business.

We offer specialized web services, focusing on creating an impactful online presence for your business. From web design and development to search engine optimization (SEO), our dedicated team brings you customized solutions, highlighting the essence and value of your business online.

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Discover our varied range of services.

Lock Web is your one-stop destination for integrated web services that specialize in meeting your specific needs. With a wide range of customized services, from web design and development to SEO solutions, we provide our expertise to transform your business online. Discover tailored and innovative services designed to ensure sustainable and efficient success in the digital market.

We turn your vision into reality.

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Presentation site
Web hosting
Website maintenance
SEO optimization
Monthly analytical reports
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Complete website
Web hosting
Website maintenance
SEO optimization
Bi-monthly analytical reports
For medium businesses

Premium Plan

Online shop
Web hosting
Website maintenance
SEO optimization
Weekly analytical reports
For big businesses

our principles

The progressive development of enterprises







We value close communication with our customers and partners, finding innovative and customized solutions. We work as a united team for the success of every project.


The quality of our services is based on integrity and superior ethics. We adhere to the highest professional standards, delivering excellent results to clients.


We respond quickly to requests and meet the deadlines set for each project. Promptness ensures the efficiency of collaboration and the satisfaction of our customers.


2.1% Business Growth
6.5% Business Growth


3.2% Business Growth
8.7% Business Growth


4.2% Business Growth
6.1% Business Growth


5.6% Business Growth
8.7% Business Growth


2.1% Business Growth
7.0% Business Growth